The day has come

The eddying of anticipation finally spins to a pinpoint in time.  The moment for action in the early morning.  A bus.  Queues.  Tickets.  Passports.  The plane. The plane.  The plane.  Movies.  Time passers.  Touchdown.  Relief.

My journey begins.  The catalyst to the change I desire.  The upward spiralling evolution.

The road ahead…


Life offers up demands and choices along the way.   Sometimes you are ready for them,  sometimes not.   But what becomes clear is that choices made take you along pathways.  The roads travelled by many or those less travelled.

Sometimes your heart draws you where you should not dare,  to a road full of challenges.

Or perhaps the real challenge is simply to respond.  To break established neural pathways and fabricate fantastic new ones which nourish your core values.

The real challenge is to live where the church bells of your mind peal.

This is the story of one woman who suddenly realised her life was leaking down a dirty forgotten drain and what she does to smash the mirror and repaint that picture.   Before it’s too late.